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  • Market leader in field
  • Portfolios established by “medical portfolios” in 2010 to aid junior doctors in their interviews
  • Unique design with protection of documents established by “medical portfolios”
  • Primary developer in field
  • Aesthetic professional colour schemes
  • Designed by junior doctors and consultants involved in national interviews
  • Development feedback from junior doctors and consultants involved in national interviews
  • Expanding portfolio range to cater for specialities
  • Expanding divider set range in keeping with current interview requirements
  • Products manufactured in uk to high standards
  • Delivery guaranteed by secure tracked methods through royal mail
  • Removable labels supplied with all portfolios

Removable labels supplied with all portfolios suitable for Inkjet & Laser printers, Photocopiers or Handwriting.

Up to 20% of marks in CT and ST interviews are based on the contents and presentation of a portfolio. Interviewers have only minutes review portfolios and find it easier to allocate marks if the information they seek in a portfolio is readily accessible. Please read delivery information before ordering: more



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Please note that the format has changed
We shall supply blank dividers with separate self adhesive preprinted labels for this speciality.

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These training portfolios have been designed by practising medical professionals who understand the needs of trainees.

CT and ST interviewsDesigned by medical professionals We recognize that the portfolio requirements for those in training are different to those Designed for appraisal and revalidation (GMC headings). Although a lot of assessments are electronic it is important to keep documents in one place. speciality training information

  • Creating a professional impression
  • Focusing on candidates’ achievements
  • Allows the assessor/interviewer to focus on salient points
  • Helping Doctors since 2010 with assessments and interviews
  • Surgical, Medical and Anaesthetic Training Portfolios can be used with most A4 clear plastic sleeves
  • All dividers are designed for CT and ST interviews.