About medical portfolio dividers

We have listened to feedback from junior doctors that purchase our products.

We are currently adapting our divider stock.

We are phasing out our pre-printed indexed divider sets and replacing them with 16 blank dividers that can be custom labelled by you.

The tab labels are provided separately and can be added by you in the order you wish.

These tab labels are specific for each specialty.

Why are we doing this?

1. Our customers want more freedom with regards to labeling the tabs.

We provide blank dividers and a set of tab labels that can be affixed by you in the order you wish.

medical protfolio divider tabs

2. Why are we phasing out the pre-printed index pages?

Most interviews are now insisting on their own pre-printed index sheets to be placed at the front of the portfolio. These index sheets are provided in the pre-interview information links sent to interview candidates. These correspond to the tabs and the labels provided by us. We don’t feel therefore an index page in necessary.

We know many A4 documents in portfolios are placed in clear plastic sleeves and as a result the tabs can be hidden.

We have made the dividers EXTRA WIDE so if you put your A4 document in a plastic sleeve the SECTION TABS ARE NOT HIDDEN.

clear pocket tabs clearance close

clear pocket tabs clearance

Medical Portfolios

Medical Portfolios

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