Neurosurgery 2020


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1 x (Set 19) Neurosurgery 2020

Undergraduate medical degrees and diplomas

1a) + b) Postgraduate degrees and qualifications

1c) MSc or equivalent

1d) BSc, BMedSci, Oxbridge BA, MA or equivalent

Career Breaks (including maternity leave)

2a) Basic Courses completed and passed since leaving medical school

3) Paper Publications

4) Audits

5a) 1st author poster presentations since medical school

5b) Podium presentations since medical school

6) Postgraduate Medical Teaching Experience/ Qualifications

7) Medical Postgraduate Prizes

8) Surgical Logbook

9) Evidnece of outstanding extracurricular acivities

10) Medical Management or leadership roles

Medical Portfolios

Medical Portfolios

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