Specialty Training Urology Interview Set



Interview Set includes:


1 x Divider set 12 (ST Urology)

Divider tabs list:

Undergraduate Medical Degrees and Diplomas

  1. Postgraduate degrees/ Qualifications in Medical Science

Career breaks

  1. Courses completed and passed since leaving medical school
  2. Paper publications

4a)    Audits/ QIPs: closed loop/ 2 cycle audits/ QIPs

4b)    Audits/ QIPs: single cycle audits

5a)    1st author poster presentation since medical school

5b)    1st author podium presentation since medical school

  1. Postgraduate Medical Teaching/ Experience/ Qualifications
  2. Medical Postgraduate prizes
  3. Surgical Logbook
  4. Medical Management / Leadership roles
  5. Portfolio Organisation

Curriculum Vitae

Other Evidence


Medical Portfolios

Medical Portfolios

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